NORTHERN QI (559-577)

The central Buddhist deity seated in the ‘pensive pose’ on a throne with the proper right leg crossed over the left knee, the right hand and index finger raised to the face in a gesture of deep contemplation, the head crowned, with long sashes hanging over the shoulders and the body dressed in long robes cascading in rounded folds over the legs, supported on a plinth carved with a censer, flanked by lions and guardians.



菩薩以“沉思姿勢”坐在寶座上,右腿交叉在左膝上,右手和食指舉到面部,做深思熟慮的姿勢,頭戴王冠,長長的腰帶垂下 身披長袍,身披長袍,腿上呈圓形褶皺,下方刻有香爐的底座,兩側是獅子和守護者。


H.45 cm.  17 ¾ in.