NORTHER WEI  (386-550)

Standing tall with his hands in abhaya and varadamudra, wearing an elaborate sanghati with raised pleats falling in concentric folds, the hemlines delicately incised with foliate borders. His face is in a serene expression with arched brows, flanked by pendulous earlobes. His intricately incised hair is surmounted by a high domed ushnisha.



圓雕石灰石質,站立雙手施無畏印,穿著精心製作的僧伽蒂,褶皺呈同心褶皺,下擺精緻葉狀邊緣。臉上帶著安詳的表情,弓起眉毛,兩側是下垂的耳垂,高圓頂 髮髻。


H.43.5 cm.   17 3/16 in.     W.26 cm. 9 13/16 in.