HAN DYNASTY (B.C202-220)

An exquisite stone-carved tomb door, with a big sheep’s head in the center, two auspicious round buttons tied to the head ,big ears bent around the eyes ,both sides are carved with god dogs and phoenixes, and geometric patterns are engraved on the sides.


汉代 (前202-220)

浮雕石灰石質羊頭、墓門石刻羊頭,見吉祥異物,見則謂之瑞。 ” 東漢普遍出現的“瑞應圖”集中體現了社會的認同,只要王者符合天命,天就會降下祥瑞物象,以稀有的視覺方式顯示祥瑞之兆。


H.35.5 cm .  14 in.      W.74 cm. 29 1/8 in.