The fierce deity striding in alidhasana  atop a prostrated bull (arms missing),adorned by a garland of severed heads and beaded necklaces, his bull head in a wrathful expression with his snarling mouth revealing his long fangs and his brow centered by his third eye, his hair raised in a flaming coiffure secured with a tiara, with the bull’s head expressively raised below revealing a human figure underneath him.



石灰石質,精雕細琢,兇猛的神祇,雙臂段失,飾以斷頭花環和串珠項鍊,公牛頭怒吼怒吼 嘴巴露出長長的獠牙,眉毛以第三隻眼為中心,頭髮用頭飾固定在燃燒的髮髻中,公牛的頭在下面表現地抬起,露出身下的人形。


H.52 cm.20 ½ in.