NORTHER WEI (386-550)

The Buddha is depicted seated at the center with his right hand raised in abhaya mudra and his left in varada mudra. He is dressed in heavy robes that fall in voluminous folds below the ankles, and his head is framed by a lotus nimbus. The Buddha is flanked by two bodhisattvas with their hands held in anjali mudra, The group is backed by an aureole intricately carved with foliage and flame motifs, and is raised on a four-legged base carved with a barbed edge on the front. An inscription on the front of the base provides the name of the monk, and a date corresponding to AD 536.



石灰石質,佛陀被描繪成坐在中間,右手施無畏手印,左手施輿願手印。他穿著厚重的長袍,寬大的褶皺落在腳踝以下,他的頭被蓮花光環框住。佛陀的兩側是兩位菩薩,雙手捧著安扎利手印。背後光環刻有復雜的樹葉和火焰圖案,四足底座前面刻有帶刺的邊緣。底座刻銘文供養人和公元 536 年的日期。


H.49 cm.   19 ¼  in.